Our craftsmen will install:

  • Hot water tank
  • Boilers all brands
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen

Their business lines mainly cover: 


  • Facilities supply and drainage water
  • Repair of all water leaks
  • Repairs and maintenance of your faucets
  • Repairs and maintenance of your bathrooms and toilets
  • The installation, maintenance or repair of your hot water tanks etc. 



  • Water Softener

We install water softeners to reduce significantly the hardness of the water through your plumbing system. It is ideal is to install the system on the mainline water supply, sanitation and before your household appliances to treat the entire circuit.

  • Fixture

We install and repair all fixtures.

  • Sanitation

Our plumbing company carries out sanitation facilities to limit environmental pollution.

  • Bathtubs

We install all types of bathtubs. We work with leading brands in the field and we can offer a wide range of bathtubs.

  • Hot water

Our plumbers install any type of hot water they are electric storage, instant electric, instantaneous gas burner, burner and tank integrated into the gas boiler, gas boiler independent, with storage of preparer hot water independent with coil coupled with a gas boiler, solar...

  • Connection of washing machines

We can proceed with the connection of your household appliances.

  • Gas connection

Our plumbers are qualified to make connections of all your equipment working gas.

  • Pipe bite

Our plumbers can disgorge your pipeline clogged with precision through the use of professional equipment and adapted with the video medium.

  • Water Heater

Our plumbers install any type of water heater: electric, gas or mixed

  • Maintenance contract

Our company can establish maintenance contracts in all areas of plumbing. This allows for a reliable service to prevent risks by taking a regular maintenance of your facilities and pipelines.

  • Cleaning of pipelines

Our plumbers’ specialists carry out the complete cleaning of your pipes using equipment suited to each situation. 

  • Flushing sewer

We also perform the sewer cleaning.

  • Pipe Unblocking

The plumbing company realizes A6T unclogging drains with details. We are equipped with the latest equipment with a video that allows us to respond quickly and with great precision.

  • Unblocking sinks, toilets, sinks

We can all lead pipe clogged sinks, toilets or sinks.

  • Water damage

We intervene in case of water damage to stop the leak or discharge at first, then a solution once the problem is identified.

  • Venting

We are also the degassing of your fuel tanks.

  • Troubleshooting Water Heaters

We are repairing all types of water heaters and can be decalcified if necessary.

  • Troubleshooting plumbing, home plumbing repair

We are repairing as soon as possible throughout the Paris region. A team of plumbers and night allows us to work 24 hours on 24 and 7 days on 7.

  • Descaling pipes

Our specialists will proceed to descale your pipes or facilities and will offer a solution to prevent future inconvenience. 

  • Leak Detection

Our plumbers are involved in cases of leak detection to proceed. An excessive consumption of water is often caused by an unidentified leak.

  • Shower

We install traditional showers, showers Italian, shower stalls and tub shower combination.

  • Septic tank

We perform all maintenance of your septic tank from emptying the cleaning.

  • Television inspection

We are equipped with high performance equipment to carry out inspections of your television lines to quickly and accurately diagnose it.

  • Installation of shredders

We install grinders to sink and the toilet system with grinders.

  • Installation of bathrooms and sanitary

We can realize the full installation of your bathroom and your health to your requirements and equipment of your choice.

  • Replacement of grinders, sinks, faucets

We replace all the mills, sinks, faucets, toilet flush, sanibroyeur... 

  • Drain grease traps

Our plumbers carry out the garbage and cleaning of grease traps.

  • Clogged toilet

The plumbers intervene effectively in case of clogged toilet, and will proceed quickly unclogging your toilet. It is recommended to hire a professional because the causes can be multiple and not always clearly identified by a person who is not the business.


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